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Kashifa Sohail had discovered her profound attachment with art in her childhood. She received her post-secondary education in the Fine Arts from her native country of Pakistan and is very fortunate to have had apprenticeships with many established artists from Dubai as well as New York in her early life. In 2005, Kashifa migrated to Canada, here she joined the Visual Arts Certificate Program in the University of Alberta and expanded her knowledge about the oil medium and Canadian art history.

She enjoys experimenting with unique mediums and products. However, oil has always been the primary medium for her. The time it takes to dry slowly allows her to play with it till she achieves the desirable results. She works in layers and allows enough drying time to accomplish the depth and vivid colors she desires. Drawing is always a great start for any project. Her work is recognized for its spontaneous colors, bold texture and instrumental brush work. She tries to depict the beauty and calmness of Alberta’s wilderness in her work.

She had been affiliated with many well organized artist establishments such as the Federation of Canadian Artists, Riverview Artist and Leighton Art center.  Her best exhibitions are the Calyx, Stamped artist gallery and Federation‘s juried art shows.

In the past few years, Kashifa has gotten busier with the new addition in her family. However, recently she has reopened her art studio gallery where she offers private, group drawing and painting lessons. She believes in living an active healthy balanced lifestyle and working hard to make dreams come true.

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